Amy - PA Portrait Set


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So a little while ago, I used




 to reach out to my followers and friends to see if there was anyone willing to model for me. There was some confusion about it considering most of my comrades on campus are shooting for their portfolio. I just want to shoot for fun, because it's what I love to do. I understand everyone's taste in photography and style is different. Not everyone does portrait, or landscape, or still life, or what ever. I happen to love nature, flowers, and portraits. This has been central to the recent photos I have taken and integral in how my style is progressing.

Today I wanted to share a portrait session I did with a good friend of mine. After I reached out on social media, Amy was one of the first to respond. She is always such a joy to be around and I couldn't have been more excited to have any excuse to hang out with her.

Amy and I met my freshmen year of college during the fall of 2014. We sat next to each other in a class that I can only remember as boring. We sat in the back right corner next to each other every day. After awhile we would start responding for each other when attendance was taken to see if our professor would notice. He never did. The one thing that really bonded us together was a terrible group project. Since Amy and I were the loners in class, our group project consisted of us and two other people who didn't have a group. Needless to say we got through the project, better friends than ever. 

I've watched Amy grow and mature over the course of our friendship but she always stayed constant in her overwhelming qualities of grace and kindness. She is always one to encourage and pour into every persons life she encounters. 

Anyway, I hope to be doing more sessions like this one in the future. I can only hope they go half as well as this one did! If anyone sees this and is interested in modeling for me/getting coffee and talking about life please contact me! I am always looking for more beautifully unique individuals to shoot and get to know. 

 To Amy: I am so thankful for your time to help me out and your willingness to jump right in. I admire you in so many ways, and just wanted to thank you for modeling for me. I couldn't have asked for a better model and friend. :) 

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