Photo Series #6


has been to my benefit within this semester. Having the technology to Facetime and talk to anyone at a moments notice is such a blessing. Especially in a long-distance relationship.

The entirety of the beginning of our high school days rested on our after school Facetime sessions where we'd talk about anything and everything for at least 2 hours.

These days, we see each other much more and are not burdened by the obstacles being 16 brings about (like not having a license). Even though we are back to being long-distance, we still make a priority to talk and see each other (face to face or Facetime) everyday.

The more intentional we have become, the better our communication has become. This semester has hosted a lot of changes for the both of us, but sticking together, communicating, and being obedient to the holy spirit has really made all the difference.