Photo Series #8

This is the end. The last week to finalize projects, finish papers, and clear out. This has been a very difficult semester for me. I am pushing through this last week with home in mind. My desk is continuously getting more and more cluttered with to-do's and procrastinated papers. Every semester I tell myself, 'I'll do better next time; I totally won't wait until the end blah blah blah.' Well it didn't happen. Somehow it seems like every single thing is due at the same time. How does that happen? Oh yeah, 18 credits. Anyway, I'm anticipating with great excitement to head home and be with my family. I miss them so so much and this semester has gone so very slow for me. I can't wait for everything this summer holds. Tom has been visiting me a lot lately as he's checking out new places and doing interviews in my area. It's always fun to make him pose for my projects. Gives us an excuse to hang out, take walks, and enjoy this beautiful changing weather. Taking walks and being outside is such a great thing. Not only does it just clear the mind, but it's so beautiful to be able to connect with nature and appreciate the season change.