Photo Series #7

This semester has been very different than the last in so many ways. For the past few weeks I have been making the 2.5 hour drive home to see my family and Tom. Those drives are long and take a lot of energy to truck through. I often find myself staying into Monday Morning and waking up at 4am to get my things together, stop to get gas, and head towards school for my 7:55 class. I think coming home on the weekends is one of the hardest, yet most enjoyable aspects of attending a university near my home. Being able to go home gives me the opportunity to take advantage of free laundry, spending time with Tom, and the familiarity and comfort only my family can bring. These three pictures fully encapsulate what my last few weeks have been like. I am looking at my next step and what I want my major to be. This causes a lot of heaviness, confusion, and essentially I feel like I'm in total fog and can't see what's ahead.  As this season is coming to an end and I head towards the summer semester, I am holding on to hope and trusting God that the fog will lift. I am consistently prompted these past few weeks to trust the Lord and that is what I am clinging to.