Photo Series #5

The not quite dairy queen monster of a sundae. Still delicious!

Sipping on hot coffee, Tom Pottiger, 19, from New Jersey enjoys not only the quality coffee but the quality time with Emily at Lincoln Diner in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania..

Sipping on hot coffee, Emily Gouekr, 19, from New Oxford enjoys not only the quality coffee but the quality time with Tom at Lincoln Diner in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania..

I think it is one of the best feelings when you are peaking over a difficult season of life. When the shallow beginnings of a new fresh season are so close and knowing that this small part of your life is almost over and brings excitement about the something new that is beginning.

For me, this past season has been filled with loneliness, pain, heartache, and loss; but also immense amounts of joy, fun, laughter, and friendship. Quite the contrast.

Though I would peg my first semester of college as being the hardest, I'd say this semester was right up there. My work load was insane, solely because I am taking mostly project-based classes that require hours of out of class-intentional-work-time. Not to mention I am working and trying to balance friends, family, and significant relationships.

During the past spring break I had taken the much needed break from the craziness surrounding me. A lot has happened within the past few months between Tom and I, but one concept remains; we are always willing to fix and move forward no matter what obstacle. We spent much of our time just doing things together over my break.

We spent a few days thrift shopping, painting my room, watching movies, and going on ice-cream dates. We usually ended up at dairy queen which is always the best choice by far. Being home with him is such a tease and reminds me how much and often I miss him during our semi-long distance periods while I am at school. Much of our time was spent lounging and day dreaming about the future, then ending up looking intentionally at what is ahead.

Looking ahead is hard when your walls still smell like fresh paint. Thinking about leaving what is comfortable and safe is a process. Every choice and decision is shaping and molding what is to come. Realizing that pressure can be overwhelming and overbearing at times. Though, I find it helpful when making decisions toward goals and dreams even though sacrifices might have to be made along the way. New seasons bring change, and the best way I have learned to face that is to stand up and embrace what is to come with thanksgiving.

I am thankful for Tom and the past few weeks we have had. Being with each other and embracing our own season changes together has been such a blessing for me. I am ready to move on from this hectic semester and am praying for peace as the semester comes to a close. I am excited for what is to come.

Until next time,