Photo Series #2

This semester has been challenging so far. Though, it is only week 4, I feel like the entire semester has passed already. when I was going into this semester I knew it was going to be a challenge as I truly felt I was over scheduling myself. I had joined 2 groups/clubs, am still working, and taking 18 credits. I've had many meeting with advisors and mentors asking them how to getaround my credits etc etc. I was told I could either do the work or drop the classes I desperately wanted to sit in on/ get over with. 

Now that I'm in it, I wouldn't change a thing. God is teaching me so much in this season of my life. Like our own muscle makeup, you have to be torn apart before you can grow stronger. 

This is being proven to me in every part of my life. Literally every part. Friendships, relationships, school, being away from home. It's a crucial part to our livelihood. I am grateful for the opportunities i have been given in these short 3 weeks as I am watching myself being torn apart and calling out to God to strengthen me. Never have I been so creatively challenged then right now. So many of my classes are digital media project based and totally out of my comfort zone. But what was anxiety is now excitement. I love the aspect of collaboration and getting to see other creative's work. It is truly inspiring me. It sounds so cliche as I write it down, but it has never been more true for me than right now in this season as I am surrounded by creative's who are honing down on their skills and tirelessly chiseling at their masterpieces.

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot for Penndel youth again for two weekends during their Winter Retreat camp. This was an awesome opportunity in itself where I was able to stretch my own skills. I hope that these opportunities make me into a better photographer. 

I am also seeing my heart for missions grow bigger and bigger during my time serving on missions committee this semester. Last weekend we put on the Missions Boot Camp for all of the teams our school is sending out which was such a humbling experience. I did my best to give as much insight as I possibly could. 

Also, Tom has been visiting me more and more since he has had less hours and I am having so much fun! Although, we have taken a break, we are more in tune with each other than ever before. Relationships are never easy, they are hard work and both parties need to put in effort to keep it healthy. Sometimes a break is the best solution.

Until next time,