Photo Series #4

On set for a dialogue scene project, Tom Pottiger, 19, from New Jersey snaps some pictures of actors at the university of Valley Forge located in Phoenixville Pennsylvania. 

Newly engaged couple, Rob Boyd and Hannah Weisensale of Gettysburg, Pa, getting pictures taken by Tom Pottiger and Emily Gouker at Sach's Covered Bridge in Gettysburg, Pa.

Rob and Hannah pose at a special location as videographer, Tom Pottiger , 19, gets some shots for the couple's engagement photos. 

Recently there have been a lot of projects in my life where Tom and I have been able to work together, which is so cool for us. This is something we have talked about as a future dream and watching it slowly become a reality is so fun to watch unfold. He brings a lot to the table that I lack especially while working with other people under a professional context. During projects, I usually am very focused on what needs to be done while Tom is relaxed and talking to the people about how to pose and etc. When it’s just me working in those situations, I notice his absence. I am so grateful for his insight in the video world as I come to grips with the projects I have at hand. I often get overwhelmed quickly and Tom reminds me to relax and just have fun doing my thing. He is such an encouraging part of my media process as well as to others involved. 

At this point in my college career, I feel challenged and inspired by the creatives surrounding me. There is so much talent being tapped into in my peers and fellow classmates that I feel are totally pushing me to break down walls and barriers within my own creative journey. Seeing where other people are, their focus, and their goals is eye-opening to my personal process and progress. This is a good place to be in for me and I am excited to where it leads. 

A project Tom and I were able to work on this week was one near and dear to my heart. My best friend from childhood has gotten engaged, and I was privileged enough to take her engagement photos! Tom did a quick engagement

announcement video

for them which gives some insight to some locations we went to. It was so special to spend some time with these lovebirds who took me to important locations in their relationships for photos. We walked to the site of their first date, first kiss, and potential wedding spot. It was encapsulating being in the presence of someone you love so dearly as she prepares and shares the person she wants to spend forever with. Hannah would not stop smiling the


time, it was so adorable! I am so lucky to be her friend and to be doing these photos. As much fun as they were to take, they are equally as exciting to edit. I can't wait to give them to her and then be with her on this day. So happy to see this relationship that God has perfectly orchestrated together develop into something so beautiful.