Photo Series #3

My painter's mask hanging on our fridge at home.

The front view of my house in New Oxford. 

Researching how to cook in Tom Pottiger's apartment Sunday afternoon.

During this photo series, I really want my photos to relate the emotions that inspired them. For me, this holds true, though they are also my photos. I am hoping that just by looking at the shots, others will be able to feel that moment because this is my story.

This past weekend I was able to go home for the first time this semester. I had

 a lot of things that needed to go back home, and some things that needed to be brought back to school. I was so happy arriving home as everything was right in its place, just as I had left it. Though this particular trip was unlike many others I had taken.

Upon my arrival, I was given specific orders to stay away from the house. My dad was fighting a very serious flu. So serious, he was in a separate room, and everyone was ordered to wear blue painters masks for personal protection. Both of my parents were worried about my health and effects of staying with them. By Saturday, my mom had caught the very contagious virus and was heavily advising me to stay away. The house was very quiet and lonely this weekend and the lively family dinners I was anticipating had been subsided for the time being. 

Most of my weekend was spent at Tom’s apartment up in the mountains. Truly one of my favorite areas. We made the most of our time together relaxing, talking, and making food. Of course making meals comes with eating them, though Tom’s small apartment had not yet been graced with a table, so we spent ample amounts of time figuring out Part A and Part H’s attachments to one another. Once we had figured out the correct parts we decided to rearrange everything in the room as it was time for a change. To celebrate our accomplishment we even put together our own two-person party, which just so happened to be on the same day as the super bowl. We made Pittsburg Potatoes, Pizza, and Buffalo Chicken Dip. Living large up in the mountains! Unfortunately our lack of culinary experience led us to many text messages to mom and a trip to Google. We’ll get the hang of it sometime.

Until next time,