Semester Photo Series

The beginning of the semester has started and I am back on campus after a long break. My break consisted of an amazing time on my family’s 32 acre farm, with our sheep in the fog that was winter. Besides a short trip to Minneapolis for a college graduation, I was in the comfort of my home practically every day. I had gotten used to the simple familiarity of family and home town life. I was also struggling with the loss of two dearly loved uncles while facing a dramatic loss of energy in my everyday life. During these hard times I was anticipating the arrival to school and what this semester would bring for me and my personal growth. All I wanted was to fit back into my routine of busy life to keep my mind off things. Coming into the semester I found myself falling into the path of loneliness I experienced through the entirety of my Freshman year. Everything in me wanted to run from those feelings instead of embrace them. Getting accustomed to life without Tom and the security of my home was difficult. I began reading my bible and trusting God as the new semester was starting and the Lord was speaking to me through his word clearly. I became at peace in my loneliness and now can only see it as an asset with my 18 credits and 15 hour work weeks. I have received my books for the semester and am preparing for the upcoming semester. The beginning is hard, though this past week has gotten much easier as I look ahead towards this short season of distance.

I hope this writing style can be improved throughout the semester.. also, the other person did not want me to do the photo story of them as they are too consumed with life.

Until next time,