Hello and welcome to EA Photography.

I'm Emily, a freelance photographer living in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. I love roaming the streets of my small town, drinking coffee, laughing at the small things, and making new friends.  I'm currently finishing my last semester of my undergrad with a major in Digital Media - Photography and a minor in Intercultural Studies. I am the minority that enjoys school with a passion. Anything that I have ever done that could be considered "good" is because of my father in heaven. All glory to Him, and I pray through my successes, His light shines greater. 

Since you have the who, let me elaborate on the why.

I can remember my dad making two L shapes with is hands to form a makeshift frame and placing my face in it. He would say "freeze, I want to remember you like this forever," and it always made the moment feel special, never-ending, forever. Ever since I can remember, I payed close attention to those moments in front of me that I wanted to remember forever.

Every one of those moments held details of our story within. Whatever was within the make-shift frame was the most important memory that we were longing to hang on to, whether that be an every day moment or a milestone. Today I am dedicated to shaping the Ls with my hands for others, to capture those moments that progress a story. Let's remember, forever, together.